16 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong (명동/明洞)

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Myeongdong (명동/明洞) district is a great shopping area in downtown Seoul (서울/首尔/首爾/ソウル). There are plenty of cosmetics stores, fashion brands, street foods, restaurants, and coffee shops. If you are in Seoul for shopping, it is strongly recommended to visit. All kinds of shopping, dining, and money changers are packed in this area. But it is always busy [...]

12 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong > DAISO (다이소 / 大创)

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DAISO (다이소/大创/大創/ダイソー) is a large franchise of Dollar Stores (like a Dollar Tree/1000-won shop/100円ショップ) in Korea. You can find thousands of items from home supplies to stationary for relatively low prices. You can find lots of DAISO stores in Seoul. DAISO in Myeongdong district (명동본점/明洞总店/明洞本店) is a small store but always crowded with tourists. I think it is a great place to buy souvenirs [...]

11 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong > Olive Young Flagship Store (올리브영 / 欧利芙洋)

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Olive Young (올리브영/欧利芙洋/オリーブヤング) is Korea’s largest ‘Health and Beauty Store’ (drug store) chain. Its big flagship store (明洞中央店/总店/本店) is located in Myeongdong (명동/明洞) district, Seoul. If you are a K-Beauty loving person, don’t miss it. […]

7 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong Cathedral (명동성당 / 明洞聖堂)

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Myeongdong Cathedral (명동대성당 / 明洞天主教堂 / ミョンドンだいせいどう) is a Roman Catholic church located in Myeongdong (명동/明洞) neighborhood, Seoul (서울/首尔/首爾/ソウル). The Cathedral is one of a landmark in the heart of downtown Seoul and a notable symbol of the Catholicism in Korea. […]

5 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong > Lotte Young Plaza (롯데영플라자 / 乐天儿童百货广场)

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Lotte Young Plaza, Main Store (롯데영플라자 본점 / 乐天儿童百货广场 总店 / ロッテヤングプラザ 本店) is a shopping mall, located in Myeongdong (명동/明洞) district, Seoul (서울/首尔/首爾/ソウル). Casual wear brand and accessory stores for young people are in the mall. Among them, ‘Line Friends’ and ‘SM Town’ Pop-Up Store are the most popular. […]

1 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong > LINE Friends Flagship Store

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A big flagship store nearby Myeongdong subway station(명동역/明洞駅/明洞站) is newly opened on late 2015. Now, there are two LINE FRIENDS STORE (라인 프렌즈 스토어 / ライン フレンズ ストア) in Myeongdong (명동/明洞) district. I think this flagship store is better than the other pop-up store located in Lotte Young Plaza(롯데영플라자 / 乐天儿童百货广场 总店 / ロッテヤングプラザ 本店). […]

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