12 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong > DAISO (다이소 / 大创)

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DAISO (다이소/大创/大創/ダイソー) is a large franchise of Dollar Stores (like a Dollar Tree/1000-won shop/100円ショップ) in Korea. You can find thousands of items from home supplies to stationary for relatively low prices. You can find lots of DAISO stores in Seoul. DAISO in Myeongdong district (명동본점/明洞总店/明洞本店) is a small store but always crowded with tourists. I think it is a great place to buy souvenirs [...]

11 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong > Olive Young Flagship Store (올리브영 / 欧利芙洋)

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Olive Young (올리브영/欧利芙洋/オリーブヤング) is Korea’s largest ‘Health and Beauty Store’ (drug store) chain. Its big flagship store (明洞中央店/总店/本店) is located in Myeongdong (명동/明洞) district, Seoul. If you are a K-Beauty loving person, don’t miss it. […]

7 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong Cathedral (명동성당 / 明洞聖堂)

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Myeongdong Cathedral (명동대성당 / 明洞天主教堂 / ミョンドンだいせいどう) is a Roman Catholic church located in Myeongdong (명동/明洞) neighborhood, Seoul (서울/首尔/首爾/ソウル). The Cathedral is one of a landmark in the heart of downtown Seoul and a notable symbol of the Catholicism in Korea. […]

5 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong > Lotte Young Plaza (롯데영플라자 / 乐天儿童百货广场)

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Lotte Young Plaza, Main Store (롯데영플라자 본점 / 乐天儿童百货广场 总店 / ロッテヤングプラザ 本店) is a shopping mall, located in Myeongdong (명동/明洞) district, Seoul (서울/首尔/首爾/ソウル). Casual wear brand and accessory stores for young people are in the mall. Among them, ‘Line Friends’ and ‘SM Town’ Pop-Up Store are the most popular. […]

1 Jan, 2016

[Seoul] Myeongdong > LINE Friends Flagship Store

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A big flagship store nearby Myeongdong subway station(명동역/明洞駅/明洞站) is newly opened on late 2015. Now, there are two LINE FRIENDS STORE (라인 프렌즈 스토어 / ライン フレンズ ストア) in Myeongdong (명동/明洞) district. I think this flagship store is better than the other pop-up store located in Lotte Young Plaza(롯데영플라자 / 乐天儿童百货广场 总店 / ロッテヤングプラザ 本店). […]

31 Dec, 2015

[Seoul] Myeongdong > Lotte Department Store (롯데백화점 / 乐天百货)

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Lotte Department Store, Main Store (롯데백화점 본점 / 乐天百货 总店 / 樂天百貨 本店 / ロッテ百貨店 本店) is located in Myeongdong (명동/明洞) district, Seoul (서울/首尔/首爾/ソウル). Good place for shopping luxury goods and having some foods. Duty Free floors are always crowded. […]

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